Lightning Rods

Why You Need Them

Lightning strikes American soil 30 million to 50 million times each year. During our studies, we have examined the protection offered by lightning rods although GE does not make or sell lightning rods. We have studied their operation in detail and are convinced of their effectiveness when properly installed.

How They Work

A lightning rod will not prevent your house from being struck by lightning, however they do prevent damage in the event that a stroke does occur. The principle is simple: quality lightning rods are made of material that conducts electricity easily. A lightning rod works by receiving the stroke and discharging it quickly and harmlessly.

How It is Done

Less obtrusive than traditional mounts, today’s affordable lightning rods can be mounted on a chimney. Affordable lightning rod protection inserted through your roof to cover the mounting. Special cables are used to conduct high voltage electricity from the house to conducting earth.